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Ginseng & Longan is a formula that provides energy during the day and helps you fall asleep at night.

It strengthens digestion, supports the building of blood, and has a calming effect on the emotions.

The Spleen and Stomach are the organs that are responsible for generating blood by transforming the essences from food.

When their function is compromised, the body has insufficient quantities of blood, leading to imbalances in the body, especially with the Heart.

Heart blood deficiency can lead to feeling more stress and unease.The blood building herbs in this formula start with Longan fruit, which nourishes blood and calms the Spirit, and Dong quai, which tonifies and vitalizes the blood.

Ideal for: All women, blood deficiency, poor digestion, low energy, difficulty in falling asleep.
TCM Function: Augments the qi, tonifies the blood, strengthens the Spleen, and nourishes the Heart.