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Pine Pollen 1oz Powder


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Pine Pollen supports the lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart and liver. Take Pine Pollen for immunity, metabolism, shorter workout recovery time, stamina, longevity, and youthfulness.

Pine Pollen has been taken as a food to increase energy, balance estrogen to testosterone ratios in women and men, and eliminate sexual dysfunction due to low androgenic levels. Pine Pollen has been considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. While pine pollen has been used as a protein source, is it also a beauty tonic. Pine pollen naturally increases collagen production, helping the skins appearance. 

Pine Pollen increases antiviral activity. Many Americans and Canadians suffer from chronic viral infections such as Herpes and the common cold. Pine pollen contains two potent antivirals, brassinolide and castasterone. Tests show that these antivirals can be up to 18 times stronger than the popular antiviral drug ribavirin.

Ingredients~ Pine Pollen Pinus massoniana Lamb. (cracked cell wall powder)