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Ceremonial Cacao 8oz - MNR


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~ Grown in high–elevation highly mineralized volcanic soil
~ Brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back
~ Minimum 30-year-old True Arriba Cacao trees, some as old as 80 years
~ The water source is rain or deep mountain spring water, never from irrigation of potentially contaminated rivers and streams
~ 100% Arriba. We select the pods and never acquire the product from aggregators thus no possible cross-contamination with the CCN51 or other low-quality hybrids that are pervasive in the area
~ 100% Raw from start to finish
~ Intense deep raw chocolate flavor
~ Always Sun-Dried, never gas dried
~ Phytic Acid-free
~ Pods are harvested only when fully mature and ripe
~ Zero jitters due to complete lack of mycotoxins, mold, yeast, and fungus (which cause an adrenal response thus the jitteriness which is similar & associated with caffeine stimulation)
~ Processed on 100% custom artisan equipment that has never seen any other cacao but our own
~ Organic Certified (certificate on file)
~ Kosher Certified (certificate on file)
~ Exceeds fair–trade standards

Ingredients: 100% Real Raw Organic Heirloom Cacao Paste * ^
[ *Organic | ^Wild-Crafted ]