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Cistanche - Jing Herbs


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Cistanche increases sexual energy, physical energy, and helps to nourish blood making it a great herb for athletes and lovers.

In some ancient texts, it is said that the consumption of Cistanche directs blood flow to the pelvic area with the resulting effect of supporting sexual function.

The Yang energy of Cistanche can be used for sexual vigor or may be directed to any creative outlet. This herb has the ability of tonifying the Yang without overheating, warms without being drying, and moistens without draining.

Cistanche is powerful yet gentle in its action. This action may be particularly beneficial for the elderly who are more likely to be affected by deficiencies of Yang, blood, and fluids.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to increase physical and sexual energy.
TCM Functions: Tonifies the Kidneys and strengthens the Yang, warms the womb, and moistens the intestines.