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Kava Liquid Concentrate 1 fl oz - Root of Happiness


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  • Alcohol-Free Organic Coconut Derived MCT Oil Base means better taste, no burning, faster absorption, and increased bioavailability
  • Blended with the highest quality of extract on the market
  • Produced in a state of the art Facility
  • Unheard of 100mg of Kavalactones per 1ml serving
  • 5 times the strength of standard Kava tinctures

Our Proprietary Processing Method Achieves Unheard of Potency 

Our tinctures use only the best Polynesian Gold™ 70% CO2 Extract blended with an all-organic base. Due to the absorption levels of the MCT oil base, we are able to ensure the best potency possible without any other additives. Taking advantage of this absorption level we are able to ensure an astonishing 100mg of Kavalactones per 1ml! This is to say that we are able to make our product 5 times the potency of even the best available Kava tincture!