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Microcosmic Orbit - 100 Veg Caps


Microcosmic Orbit is an important and very useful formula used in the Taoist and Chan (Zen) Buddhist traditions to open, regulate and promote the flow of energy in the primal energy channels. Microcosmic Orbit is extremely centering and empowering. It also has an “astringent” quality, which means that it prevents the leaking of Jing.* Microcosmic Orbit is composed of herbs that consolidate energy in the primal channels of the body and prevent it from “leaking.” In so doing, it helps to build Jing energy in the body by preventing the loss of Jing. This is a great formula for people on a mission to build up their Jing. Microcosmic Orbit opens and energizes the vastly important energy channel that circulates along the central line of the body, up the back and down the front creating a complete “orbit.” It is believed as a basic principle of Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and qi gong that if this channel is healthy and flowing smoothly, then the whole body will be healthy. This is a “must formula” for those practicing meditation and Taoist life cultivation on a serious level.