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Morinda - Jing Herbs


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Morinda root is a Yang tonic that tonifies the Kidney Jing and all creative energies.

This herb is very beneficial for athletes of every level since it promotes the strength of the bones and skeletal system, allowing for strong anchorage of tendons and muscles.

Morinda is powerful without being drying in nature, and its tonification is achieved without cloying, thus making it suitable for everyone.

Morinda enters the Kidney channel thus augmenting the Yang energy, boosting the Jing essence, and strengthening the bones, tendons, and ligaments.

One of the most outstanding qualities of this herb is that while possessing a Yang nature, it engenders a harmonious, but not drying, warmth.

It is able to nourish the Kidney essence without drying the Kidney Yin. Morinda also has a secondary function of augmenting the blood.

Although this is a minor function, it supports the herb's moistening qualities by helping to create a Yin fluid.

Finally, because Morinda has an acrid element to it, coupled with its warming nature, it is able to expel wind and damp from the body.

This function is particularly useful for people who may experience pain in the lower back and knees, and mild edema in the legs and ankles.

Ideal for: Athletes, yogis, anyone recovering from injury.
TCM Functions: Tonifies the Kidneys and fortifies the Yang, strengthens the sinews and bones.