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Novequin PET - 90g Powder


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Have you noticed any of the following issues with your pet?

  • Shedding
  • Bad breath
  • Yeast infections
  • Occasional Constipation

If your pet has been experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then they’re most likely suffering from a sensitive and imbalanced digestive tract.

Digestive issues are a common issue in pets these days. Stress, physical strain, and aging take a toll on an animal’s body.

Novequin PET is an all-natural, safe addition to any pet's regimen that can help support digestive and immune health. This special formula provides your pet with the probiotics and enzymes that are needed to ensure a healthy, happy life.

Add Novequin PET to your pet’s diet to help them enjoy and live out a happier and healthier life.