Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Papua Coffee Mediterranean Blend - Medium 16oz


The Classic Armenian/Turkish Blend is a Medium Roast providing full flavor. For those who prefer a stronger flavor, Papua created a perfect blend of the medium-dark roast.

This Middle Eastern favorite is a special grind of Papua that has the consistency of cacao powder. Preparation is done in a special coffee maker available on Food Alchemy's website.

All Papua Coffee is:

Non-Acidic: Even those sensitive to caffeine do not experience the discomfort of jitteriness and acid reflux.
Non-dehydrating: Unlike most coffees, Papua does not cause dehydration.
Detoxifying: The beneficial essential oils released during the roasting process helps to draw toxins from the body.
Rainforest Alliance Certified: Papua is organically grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Growers are paid more than Fair Trade.