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Pearl - Jing Herbs


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Pearl Powder has a time honored reputation as an unsurpassed beauty tonic.

It is said to improve irritations of the skin and to promote lustrous, clear, moist, and supple skin.

Legendary beauties of the Orient credited Pearl with keeping their youthful looks well into old age.

As if that wasn't enough, Pearl is also known to be a potent Shen tonic. It can help promote a peaceful spirit and a quiet mind. In TCM, Pearl has the capacity to clear the liver of excess heat that may cause irritability and painful eyes.

Our enzymatically activated Pearl allows all the amino acids, mineral, and nutrients to be readily available for fast assimilation.

Pearl may also enhance the activity of the powerful antioxidant SOD.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to support beauty, healthy skin, and bright eyes.
TCM Functions: Calms the Heart, clears the liver, and promotes healing.