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CoreChill³ Elite Blue Cube Cold Plunge Tub


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One Session - $25

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3 Speed Therapy Pump

The only adjustable flow rate Cold Plunge.
Disrupt Your Thermal Barrier™
Experience pinnacle cold therapy™
every session, specific to your preference.

Full Immersion 5.5 or 6 ft. Tubs Available

Cold plunge up to your neck and fully submerge your head with ease.

Weatherproof Frame

Line-X® wooden frame is weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration.
Commercial Capable Cold Plunge™


Cold and Clean Water

Chilling Motor:   1 HP Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors

Filtration:            20 Micron Filter Cartridge

Sanitation:          Ozone for Chemical Free Experience

Pipes:                  1.5" Spa PVC for Maximum Flow

Temp Range:      37°- 70°


Fast and Simple Maintenance

Quickly change filters, drain, and refill tub.
Easily access internal components.

Electrical Requirements

120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet

Dimensions (Total Footprint) 

Elite 66: (LWH) 73" x 49" x 29"
Elite 72: (LWH)  79" x 49" x 29"

Tub Dimensions

Elite 66: (LWH) 66" x 24" x 22"
Elite 72: (LWH) 72" x 24" x 22"

All of our shipping is done in house by military veterans and technical specialists. We also provide white glove delivery as an option, which includes shipping, final placement, starting your unit, and live training. No other cold plunge tub company does this.