Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Experience Our Wellness Center

Every detail of our Wellness Center has been thoughtfully planned by our Founder. His vision is to create a place where all people can learn and access the necessary knowledge and organic herbal blends and compounds to heal your body, mind and spirit naturally.

Enjoy the fragrance of fresh organic herbs, sage, and Palo Santo wood when you enter our Wellness Center. Talk to any of our staff about the holistic benefits of any of the following treatments, goods, or services.

Experience Our Infrared Sauna

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One Person Single Session: 40$

Two People Single Session: 60$

5 Session Bundle: 180$


Experience Our Blue Cube Cold Plunge 

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One Session: $25 


Heal Yourself with Our Hyperbaric Chamber

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First Session: 60$

One Hour Session: 120$


Experience the Joovv Red Light Therapy

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10 Minute Session: 10$


Experience Sound Frequencies & Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) with our AMPCOIL

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One Session: $45


Experience the NeuroVIZR

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