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He Shou Wu Drops 2oz - Dragon Herbs



  • The king of Yin Jing tonic herbs
  • Made with 5-year-old semi-wild He Shou Wu roots
  • Prepared by the traditional method with black beans
  • Supports blood production
  • Supports Jing restoration AND Jing maintenance
  • Helps protect the brain
  • Supports healthy aging

Regular consumption of this famous “longevity herb,” the root of Polygonum multiflorum, is used in Asia to help return an aging person to youthfulness and to keep a young person young. It is an unsurpassed Yin Jing tonic, as well as a major blood tonic. It is said to increase energy and clean the blood. As an essence tonic, it is believed to be a powerful sexual tonic when consumed regularly.

He Shou Wu is widely believed in China to increase sperm production in men and increase fertility in women. It is used in almost all tonics that are believed in the Orient to nurture the hair and teeth. This herb has been consumed by almost every Taoist for the last thousand years and is fundamental to the practice of the Taoist inner arts. It has been rated on a premier website on Chinese culture as the number one herb in Chinese herbalism for health, well-being and longevity.*

Dragon Herbs has an exclusive supplier that provides fully mature He Shou Wu roots that have grown in the ground in a Di Tao (authentic) region for at least 5 years before harvesting (compared to the 1-year-old average on the American market). This He Shou Wu is then prepared by slow cooking in a specific black bean broth for over 36 hours, meeting and surpassing ancient and modern preparation requirements. Dragon Herbs’ advanced extraction process results in a rich, delicious, full-spectrum, complete He Shou Wu tonic elixir that may be used throughout one’s lifetime.*

Ingredients: Organic He Shou Wu root extract.