Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Akitakomachi Brown Rice 5 kg

Discover the soft, full-flavored, slightly sticky goodness of Natural Agriculture Short Grain Rice. Grown in Meridian, California, just north of Sacramento, our rice is tended to with respect by Scott, Ulla and Brian Park of Park Farming Organics. The Parks farm with a conscience, working with the environment rather than against it and keeping the verdant fields of rice plants free from disease and pests with hard work and a balanced
ecosystem rather than toxic sprays and dusts. The thriving central valley soil feeds and nurtures the growing rice plants and is treasured for the unique flavor, aroma and texture it imparts to the simple and succulent grains. Our rice retains as many of the natural vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as possible so you can enjoy not only a delicious dish, but a healthy one, too.