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Amorata Sexual Potency 90g powder


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Herbs long-used by the China’s elite to increase sexual potency. This powerful combination is beneficial for physically active men and women.

  • Supports sexually active people.
  • Helps fortify against burnout.
  • Fertility formula.
  • Used by Emperors for centuries.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Energizing.
  • Rejuvenating.
  • Helps increase allure.

Amorata is primarily a sexual and athletic formula. If you don’t feel you have enough strength to create an adventurous and romantic life, then Amorata is your formula. Fortifying the body’s sexual forces is the fastest way to rejuvenate the body. This formula isn’t only about sexual energy; the herbs in Amorata work very quickly to restore and imbue personal allure; an awesome stamina-building product for high-achievers with busy schedules. Cistanche and Epimedium are the World’s top vegetarian Yang Jing herbs; they empower the sexual forces and allure. Ho sho wu replenishes the sexual energy, so we don’t burn out. Amorata is a fast-acting anti-aging formula; if you feel like your candle’s light is dim, Amorata can help increase the flame!