Artichoke Leaf

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The Artichoke is one of the world's oldest vegetables, with its uses as a food and medicinal herb dating back to the 4th century B.C. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered artichokes a "noble" vegetable only to be consumed by the nobility and rich. Artichoke is used to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, and this is thought to help reduce the symptoms of heartburn and alcohol hangover. Artichoke is also used for treating high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney problems, anemia, fluid retention (edema), arthritis, bladder infections, and liver problems. Some people use artichoke for treating snakebites, preventing gallstones, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar; to increase urine flow; and as a tonic or stimulant. Artichoke leaves have a strong and unique flavour, which is mellowed by blending it with other more flavorful ingredients. Steep in hot water for 2-4 minutes. For a more medicinal brew, steep for 7-12 minutes and enjoy the calming benefits of this ancient herb. (via