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Changbai Deer Antler Drops 2 fl oz - Dragon Herbs


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  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Changbai Mountain Sika Deer antler.
  • Only the top 1" of tips.
  • Yang Jing and Yin Jing tonic.

Dragon Herbs Changbai Mountain Deer Antler Drops is made exclusively with antler from Sika Deer, long considered to be the best deer antler. These are small spotted deer that are native to Northeastern Asia. This is the most valuable antler in the world. Deer Antler is considered to be one of the “big three” ultimate “herbs” (dietary supplements) of China — Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and Deer Antler.

Deer Antler supports normal healthy life functions so as to promote wellbeing. Deer Antler is a Yang Jing tonifying herb, and it also tonifies Yin Jing, Qi, Blood and Shen. It therefore tonifies all three Treasures. Deer Antler is used by athletes to support muscular strength. Deer Antler is suitable to both men and women. Deer Antler extract contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance, also produced in the human body, that maintains elasticity of the skin and connective tissue.

Dragon Herbs Changbai Mountain Deer Antler Drops is a unique product in the U.S. market. There are dozens of other “deer velvet” products available, but Dragon Herbs Changbai Mountain Deer Antler Drops is the ONLY product made ENTIRELY from Deer Antler tips. Deer Antler grows from its “tips.” As it grows, the soft body of the antler hardens, while the growing tip remains soft and bio-chemically rich. It has been estimated that 90% of the biologically active constituents of the ENTIRE antler is contained in just the last inch of the antler, known as the “tip,” even if the antler is 18 inches long. Dragon Herbs deer are farmed in beautiful, pristine Changbai Mountain, and are certified by the Chinese Ministry of Health to be clean and safe. Since the deer are so valuable and since deer antler is essentially a renewable “resource,” deer are highly protected. They thrive under the conditions established. The antler is painlessly cut off the live deer when the antler has developed either two or three branches and covered by “velvet.” Dragon Herbs uses only the distal one inch of the antler to make this product.

The deer from which the antlers are collected are humanely treated at all stages of their life. They are very well fed, are allowed to graze freely in the foothills during the daylight hours, are protected from predators and are not harmed during the collection of their antlers. They are constantly monitored for their health. After the antlers are collected in May and June, the antlers regrow during the same growing season and are allowed to grow out fully. “Antler harvesting” has been proven to improve the life span of the male deer, which become somewhat less aggressive during mating season (fall and winter) and less prone to fighting and killing each other for the females. As a result, most male deer that have their antlers removed in the spring do not die from rutting, whereas the death and injury rate in the wild is very high. Female spotted deer do not produce antlers.

Ingredients: Deer Antler tips.

Traditional Function: Reinforces Kidney Yang, tonifies Yin Jing, tonifies Blood. Tonifies the Du Mai. Regulates the Chong Mai, Ren Mai, and centers the Dai Mai.Fortifies bone & connective tissue. Nourishes bone marrow. Enters the Kidney and Liver meridians. Warming.