Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

CoreChill³ Blue Cube Cold Plunge Tub


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3 Speed Therapy Pump

The only low to high flow Cold Plunge.
Disrupt Your Thermal Barrier™
Experience pinnacle cold therapy™
every session, specific to your preference.

Full Immersion 5.0 Ft. Tub

Cold plunge up to your neck and fully submerge your head with ease.

Weatherproof Frame

Line-X® wooden frame is weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration.
Commercial Capable Cold Plunge™

Cold and Clean Water

Chilling Motor:   1 HP Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors

Filtration:            20 Micron Filter Cartridge

Sanitation:          Ozone for Chemical Free Experience

Pipes:                  1.5" Spa PVC for Maximum Flow

Temp Range:      37°- 70°


Fast and Simple Maintenance

Quickly change filters, drain, and refill tub.
Easily access internal components.

Electrical Requirements

120 V 20 Amp Dedicated Outlet

Dimensions (Total Footprint) 

(LWH) 92.5" x 37.5" x 29"

Tub Dimensions

(LWH) 60" x 24" x 22"