Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Diamond Mind Drops 2 oz. Tinture

  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Superior grade brain tonic herbs
  • Supports cognition and memory
  • For creative people
  • Supports yoga and meditation

Diamond Mind Drops is designed to support the mind. It contains the root of the remarkable Himalayan adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola sacra. Tibetan Rhodiola grows at more than 14,700 feet above sea level, above the snowline, under extremely adverse conditions. Rhodiola sacra has been used for centuries in Himalayan culture to support mental energy, depth of thought, mental endurance, and wisdom. This herb supports oxygen flow to the brain. Standardized Ginkgo biloba, another ingredient in Diamond Mind Drops, has been demonstrated to improve blood flow in the brain and to deliver increased oxygen to brain cells, thus it may improve cognition, especially when combined with Himalayan Rhodiola. Polygonatum rhizome is one of the most precious herbs used by Taoists to build the Three Treasures and to enhance life force. It has been used for centuries in the Orient to rejuvenate the brain and enhance mental power. Each of the other herbs in this formula has been used for centuries to support concentration, focus, memory and mental energy. The benefits of Diamond Mind Drops are by no means limited to the mind. The herbs in this formula also have powerful general tonic benefits that will support physical vitality, mood, blood flow and cardiovascular functions. Dragon Herbs Diamond Mind Drops is a high potency herbal extract. The complete range of active phytochemicals are fully extracted.

Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba leaf (standardized to 24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides and 6% Terpene Lactones), Tibetan Rhodiola root, Polygonatum sibericum rhizome, Schizandra fruit, Eleuthero root.