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Dragon Herbs - Wild Red Reishi 2 fl oz

  • 100% wild Red Reishi mushroom, mountain-collected (Changbai Mountain, Manchuria)
  • Classically called the “Mushroom of the Immortals”
  • Used as a tonic for centuries by Taoist and Zen seekers and masters, emperors and empresses
  • Powerful Shen tonic
  • Immune potentiating
  • Wisdom promoting

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is recognized as one of the most important and beneficial tonic herbs in the world. Red Reishi has been the most revered herb in Asia since pre-historic times. Sages and emperors sought this herb to confer health, well-being, good fortune, and wisdom. Wild Red Reishi is very rare in the commercial market because it is not possible to collect very large amounts of it. It is special because it is totally natural. In the wild, it is a superb collector of Qi and Shen energy. It is called the “Herb of Spiritual Potency.” We are fortunate to have a limited but steady supply of truly wild Reishi mushroom. These mushrooms are not planted or wildcrafted by humans. They grow where they will, where they are perfectly suited. The growing environment is extremely harsh (Manchurian alpine). As a result, they develop great power. Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi Drops is made from pure wild Reishi Mushroom fruiting bodies only. The “fruiting body” is the part that looks like a mushroom that emerges from the ground or tree. This is exactly the same Reishi that has been revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality.” We do not use any mycelia (underground growth), and there are no additives of any sort in the production of Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi Drops. Dragon Herbs uses only Ganoderma lucidum species fruiting bodies — we do not mix species in this product.

Ingredients: Wild Red Reishi fruiting body.