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Enema Kit Implant-o-rama

We came up with the design for the Implant O’Rama as a clean way to do coffee enemas, ozone water enemas, or nutrient implants. Normal enema bags from the drug store cost 10 to 20 dollars and just removing them from the plastic packaging releases toxic fumes. Putting coffee, which is an acid, next to substandard plastic or rubber defeats the detoxification process as it leeches xenoestrogens and other toxic chemicals into the liquid. Even expensive silicone bags are difficult to clean and need to be replaced frequently. The Implant O’Rama is made from glass, kynar connectors, and silicone tubing. This system is completely non-reactive to coffee acids or ozone. The pump attached to the Implant ‘O Rama allows the liquid to be pushed in with a small amount of force, delivering the liquid to areas higher in the colon.  NO CLAIMS ARE MADE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT or anything we sell on this website. When using any new procedure that you do not understand, always check with a competent medical doctor or health care practitioner. Make sure that the procedure is right for you. Study and take in all the information and you decide what is right for you.