Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Eternal Jing 90g Powder


ETERNAL JING represents the totality of our life.

  • The top anti-aging herbs.
  • Longevity.
  • Replenishment.
  • Recuperation.
  • Foundational empowerment

Eternal Jing is a rejuvenation formula composed of the most revered anti-aging herbs, used by Emperors and Empresses throughout Chinese history. Jing is our true power base; what we are capable of achieving; how much we can endure. This formula promotes creativity, staying power, overcoming stress, and just feeling generally self-empowered. Eternal Jing strengthens hair, teeth, nails, and bones, and rejuvenates the sexual energies. If you have felt chronic tiredness and lack of motivation, Eternal Jing is for you! Rehmannia and Ho sho wu are “black herbs,” highly regarded for centuries by China’s elite to help sustain youthful energy. Famed immortal Quan Yin sips Schizandra tea from her chalice, while Cistanche supports the reproductive energies.