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Four Things Combination - 100 Caps


Four Things Combination, also called Dang Gui Four Combination, is the supreme classical blood tonic formulation of Chinese tonic herbalism. It is also an important Yin Jing tonic. It has been used for centuries as a moistening Blood tonic, which yields incredible results in restoring deficient Blood and Yin. In addition, it is an important blood vitalizing formulation. Four Things Combination is a famous woman’s blood tonic. It is moisturizing and may be used for long periods of time to restore the Yin and Blood, and improve wrinkles and other signs of aging on the skin. Four Things Combination has traditionally been used to support normal blood flow, to promote relaxation and energy, and to relieve mild cramps associated with menstruation. Four Things Combination is suited to weak or strong individuals, old or young. Although women take this formula far more frequently than men, it is also an excellent Blood tonic for men, and will be found as a component in many formulations consumed by men. It is a superb tonic for all teenagers, male or female.