Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Frame Builder 100 caps - Dragon Herbs

  • Supports the entire skeleton framework
  • Supports joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Supports bone health by supporting bone metabolism
  • Supports blood circulation to the skeleton and joints
  • Superb for athletes and active individuals

Frame Builder can help strengthen the structural framework of the body. The formula may be used by those who wish to help strengthen and support bones, tendons and ligaments. It combines a variety of very powerful herbs that martial artists, such as the gongfu (kung fu) and hapkido masters of the Far East have used for millennia. The formidable combination of Eucommia bark and seed, Drynaria and Dipsacus and other herbs is a reliable tonic to the body’s structure. It is especially suitable to those who rough it up: ball players, mountain climbers, triathletes, martial artists, skydivers, skateboarders, X Games and other extreme athletes, snowboarders and skiers, professional golfers and tennis players, etc. If you live hard, this formula is probably for you.