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Herbal Aloe Force Nasal Spray 2oz


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Description: Enjoy all-natural support, comfort and convenience with Herbal AloeForce Soothing Throat Spray. 

Our original Raw-Purified Herbal AloeForce formulation is 98% Pure AloeForce liquid with the other 2% being our unique aloe-extracted herbs (including the oxygenating, mucus-clearing Essiac herbs and other immune-empowering botanicals). This formulation is a profound delivery of all the aloe plant and herbs have to offer with all the plant’s toxins, irritants and impurities completely removed. Our unique form of aloe is the only ‘live’, raw, intact aloe specially processed to protect and deliver the full force and full promise of Nature’s ‘live’ aloe plant in its original, yet purified, ‘structured’ form. 

Now this powerful yet gentle formulation is available in a convenient 2 oz. Nasal Spray applicator for ‘on-the-go’, ‘on the spot’ immediate and direct nasal and sinus support and empowerment. 

Why You'll Love It:

  • Pure & Safe for All Ages: Our spray is all natural and organic, and specially purified from all of aloe’s toxic irritants to be safe for the whole family for daily and unlimited use with only good side effects!
  • 'Live' RAW-Purified AloeForce: Our liquified, whole aloe (rind and inner gel) is never heated, never concentrated, diluted nor dried, preserving its structure to contain and deliver the full spectrum of the plant's naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients and immune enhancing, regenerative fuels (beta-glucomannan polysaccharides) known to support our body’s own wellness cells and systems. 
  • Direct Relief: On-the-spot soothing, clearing, and nurturing nasal support.
  • Nasal & Sinus Support: Aloe is known to absorb and penetrate deeply bringing its soothing nurturance throughout the nasal and sinus linings.
  • Enzymatic Support: Our Aloe is specially processed to deliver all its naturally occurring proteolytic enzymes that are known to aid in the breakdown of excess mucus and inflammation.
  • Convenient & All-Purpose: Specially purified to be an all-natural, all-purpose nasal and sinus support to use anytime, anywhere, as often as desired for direct, immediate and long-term support.

    Finally we can experience ‘live’ aloe that is known for:

    • The Soothing of irritated tissues
    • Anti-inflammatory support
    • Hydration, moisturizing and lubrication
    • Mucus Breakdown & Clearing
    • Fueling Tissue regeneration (nasal & sinus linings) 
    • Fueling Immune Cell Empowerment

    How to Use:

    Shake well before use. Apply 1-2 sprays (or more) into each nostril* as desired or as directed by a healthcare professional. Product does not require refrigeration.

    Note: The spray does not sting healthy tissues. If nasal passages are sensitive or irritated, you can dilute or spray the AloeForce spray often and repeatedly to let it support the ‘soothing’. If you have recurring sensitive or dry nasal passages and sinuses, it's best to use the nasal spray daily and often.

    Note: After 1 or 2 sprays you can blow your nose to clear out any loosened mucus and then spray again to leave in for long lasting, penetrating ongoing support.

    Enjoy all natural support for your nasal and sinus wellness with Herbal AloeForce Nasal Spray. Take control of your well-being anytime, anywhere!

    Herbal AloeForce is 98% Pure, liquified aloe leaf and 2% the aloe-extracted herbs:

    Ingredients:  Aloe Vera Leaf, Cat's Claw Bark Extract, Chamomile Flowers Extract, Burdock Root Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Astragalus Root Extract, Sheep Sorrel Herb Extract, Pau d'Arco Bark Extract, Slippery Elm Bark Extract, Rhubarb Root Extract.  Other Ingredients: Preservatives are used before purification: Potassium Sorbate (as a preservative <0.005), Sodium Benzoate, Organic Orange ‘flavor’ Extract (contains no citrus). (Preservatives are rinsed out during purification).

    Naturally gluten-free, raw, organic, vegan.