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Male Hormone Boost Sweet Liquid Xtract


Hormone production is a critical factor in overall health & wellness. As human males age, their internal production of key hormones such as testosterone can drop significantly, which can lead to a number of conditions, such as low sperm count, muscle deterioration, weight gain and erectile dysfunction. Their system needs a kickstarter to boost hormone production.

Chagit's Male Hormone Booster is a full-spectrum, liquid extraction of mushrooms, herbs and other superfoods that have been used for thousands of years around the world and shown in multiple studies to help revitalize male hormone levels and naturally boost testosterone production.

It includes a 4-mushroom blend of chaga, lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, along with black maca root from the Andes, tongkat ali (Malaysian ginseng), tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, yerba mate and ginger in active dose levels. This carefully balanced and powerful blend can help men fight the effects of aging, improve their workouts and revitalize their overall performance in both public and private life. 

Just 1-2 teaspoons a day, added to your favorite morning or afternoon beverage is all you need to increase performance and improve wellness. This functional sweetener blend is made from wild-harvested and organic raw materials, extracted using our 14-day, 5-stage proprietary process, with no added powders, fillers or flavors. It is pure and natural, sweet tasting with herbal overtones and invigorates men to help get the job done. Also Contains Ormus and DMSO for Assimilation and Bioavailability.