Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Primal Yin Replenisher 100ct - dragon herbs

  • Potent Yin Jing restoration
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Taking this formula is like recharging a drained battery
  • Based on Dendrobium pods and other potent Yin tonic herbs
  • Cooling to the body

Taking this formula is like recharging a drained battery. Primal Yin Replenisher may be consumed continuously until Yin Jing energy is fully restored. Older people can continue to take this restorative formulation on an on-going basis. Dendrobium Stem, Prepared Rehmannia, and Raw Rehmannia Root are powerful Kidney tonics that nourish and restore Yin Jing, and nourish bodily fluids. Dendrobium, the lead herb in this formulation is one of the premier herbs of Chinese herbalism. Dendrobium is an herb favored in the Taoist tradition. Dendrobium is famed in Taoist herbal tradition for its quick action at restoring Yin Jing and fluids. Dendrobium is an endangered species in the wild, so Dragon Herbs does not use wild Dendrobium. It comes in many grades and varieties. There are at least one hundred varieties of Dendrobium available in the Chinese herbal trade, a few much more effective than the others, and some with entirely different effects. Dragon Herbs uses certified sustainably-grown super-premium grade cultivated Dendrobium for use in this product.*

Ingredients: Dendrobium stem, Raw Rehmannia root, Prepared Rehmannia root, Red Peony root, Anemarrhena rhizome, Phellodendron bark.