Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Rakta 90 gram powder


I’m excited to offer RAKTA (Sanskrit for “blood”) to help us nourish Chi: the vital energy of life and to fortify our blood.

  • Build and fortify blood
  • For vegans and vegetarians
  • Nourish Chi (energy)
  • Strengthen metabolism
  • Warm the digestive organs
  • Help warm hands and feet
  • Weight management
  • Assist blood flow
  • Support menstruation

In today’s world, many of us are choosing to adopt vegetarian or vegan diets for health and environmental reasons, and because it is a more humane diet. But one primary issue needs to be addressed, possible anemia, particularly among women during reproductive years.

Over time, humans have genetically acclimated to eating some red meat in order to attain bio-available ferris iron, also referred to as heme iron. This easily assimilated iron is very important in the health of our blood – making it red. Red meat is the best source of heme iron.

As a vegetarian, I have been concerned when encountering anemia in many vegan and vegetarian women and some men. I sought to provide a solution, and while writing my book, Raw Chi, I found it.

In Chinese herbology, certain special herbs are classified to “build blood”. This classification happened because the Chinese civilization, until recently, did not eat red meat and they needed to keep their population healthy.

Dang Gui is the most renowned blood-building herb. Its exact therapeutic mechanisms on blood fortification are not yet known but, Dang Gui has been used successfully for millennia and is a primary herb in formulas for women as well as for general blood building.

Ligusticum is another herb for building and fortifying the blood, as is prepared Rehmannia (glutinosa). White peony root “moves blood and Chi” and is an indispensable herb for vital energy-flow throughout the body. White peony root is included in formulas to support healthy female fertility cycles (mense) and is said to “break up Chi stagnation” therefore helping alleviate discomfort during the menstrual cycle.

But that’s not all. I add herbs for “warming the middle jiao.” These herbs, including White Atractylodes and codonopsis, assist the metabolic functions in helping remove unwanted accumulations of fat and moisture (edema) which cause unwanted bloating. Then I add herbs  for assisting the general circulation and heart health: Salvia (milthorriza) and Gynostemma.

Altogether, RAKTA is a wonderful “warm Chi” formula, helping distribute vital essences throughout the body to help alleviate cold hands and feet, loose stool or constipation, lethargy by assisting the body in energy production, and fortifying and moving the blood.

I’m proud of thiso ne! An indispensable formula for men and women who choose non-meat or low-meat diets, for those who need more energy, and for helping regulate healthy female menstrual cycles.

Instructions: Take one level teaspoon in the morning in a mug of warm/hot water. Add vegan milks and/or sweetener of choice to taste.

Ingredients: Rehmannia, White Peony root, Ligusticum, Codonopsis, White Atracyylodes, Jujube Date, Raspberry, Lohan Quo, Dang Gui, Salvia milt., Goji, Gynostemma, Schizandra

Tonic Herbalist | Rehmannia Dean Thomas has created this combination of superior Tonic herbs, used for centuries throughout Asia to enhance strength and resilience. The RAKTA formula is composed of herbs long used throughout Asia to calm the body and mind and gently promote restful sleep without the next-day grogginess. Nourish yourself with RAKTA and awaken to a productive and energetic day. Use only the recommended amount according to instructions.