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Samurai Energy & focus


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May help with:*

~ Potent
~ Stimulating
~ Energizing 

Ingredients: Mucuna*, Lotus^, Suma*, Damiana*, Rhodiola*, Gingko*, Tribulus*, Kanna*, Ginseng*, GotuKola*, Celastrus^, Ashwagandha*, Tulsi*, Walnut^, Bacopa*, Cordyceps^, Asparagus*, Lion’s Main^, Kava^, Moringa*, Valerian*, Astragalus*, Kymia Arts Oil of Gold, Monoatomic Gold, Piperine. Mountain water, Vegetable Glycerin*, Cane Alcohol^.

[ *Organic | ^Wild-Crafted ]

Bottled in: Miron glass dropper.

Suggested Usage: Use only a few drops to start, up to 1/2 dropper per day.


Before you buy, please read this:

The variety of cognitive enhancement blends in this section (focus, energy, calming, etc) work on each individual in a different manner.
Some may experience a specific blend strongly, while some may not feel that blend at all. Levels of sensitivity and individual brain -chemistry are different from person to person