Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Shift 90g Powder


The spirit formula, The spirit is called Shen ~ the most important force in our lives.

  • Liberate the body/mind/spirit.
  • Increase frequency.
  • Lighten oppressive energies.
  • Great for spiritual seekers.
  • Calming.
  • Helps remove “psychic baggage and spiritual suppression”.

You need a strong resilient body and good energy, but without enlightenment, it’s all materialistic folly. Shift is a great formula for those who seem stuck in a rut, who don’t believe in higher energies, or who feel unrewarded, and for those afraid of the beyond. Shift is for anyone who wishes to embark on a spiritual path. Shen improves one’s fortunes in life, and is a bridge between Earth and Heaven, helping us close the gap between mortal and metaphysical existence. Reishi mushroom is called the “herb of spiritual immortality,” and “a bridge between Earth and Heaven.” Truly, this tree mushroom helps plug us into life’s grand divinity without altering our consciousness. Albizzia flower is said to “help one overcome heartbreak, anxiety and stress,” while Spirit Poria lifts our spirit, helping keep us grounded. Asparagus root is the “flying herb” of the Shaolin Masters.