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TomKat 100ct - Dragon Herbs


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  • Strongly increases male libido
  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Supports athletic power
  • Energizing and restorative
  • Indonesian Tongkat Ali, premium He Shou Wu and Mountain Ant
  • Tongkat Ali extract: 125kg of raw root material produces 1kg of extract powder

Men and women in Asia have long regarded it as an art and a science to improve their sexual function, or to bring it back to life, and maintain it at youthful levels, especially when there has been an age-related decline. TomKat™ is a remarkable tonic formulation designed primarily for men. It is safe to consume and may be consumed for long periods of time (with occasional short breaks).

It is composed of three substances, each of which has profound benefits on male sexual functions.* All three ingredients have been used for over a thousand years and are well known to be safe and effective. This formula includes 80% Sumatran Tongkat Ali extract. TomKat™ is made with Tongkat Ali the extracted root of Eurycoma longifolia, a tree found in the jungles of Sumatra. Sumatran Tongkat Ali is famous in Asia as the best source of this precious herb. It takes 125 pounds of highest quality raw Tongkat Ali root to make just 1pound of the concentrated powdered extract that we use to make Dragon Herbs TomKat™. That is called a 125:1 powdered extract. This is a VERY potent extraction. Tongkat Ali is an herb that is very widely used in Southeast Asia as a male sexual tonic – every man knows Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali has a measurable and obvious pro-sexual effect. Men who use this herb feel that their sex is “more direct.” Ejaculatory force diminishes for most men as they reach an age of around 50 and beyond; Tongkat Ali provides marked libido and ejaculatory support. Interestingly, Tongkat Ali is also an excellent immune tonic.

TomKat™ is a tonic formulation, and all three herbs are considered safe to take indefinitely by adult men. In fact, in Asia, all three herbs are believed to support a long and healthy life. TomKat™ has a great general tonic action as well as being a superior male sexual tonic, promoting adaptability, peak immune functioning, vitality, and calm clarity. Calm, self-assured energy (power) is the generalized result of taking TomKat™.

Ingredients: Tongkat ali root (125:1 extract), Changbai Mountain Ants, Prepared He Shou Wu root.