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Tune In 30 ml Native Mystic


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Can be used when one wishes to receive support in resolving internal issues, and be in a meditative introspection state during the day.

Major Potential Benefits:

~ Calming
~ Deeper Meditation
~ Space for Introspection
~ Euphoric
~ Heart Opening
~ Resolution of Internal Issues

Ingredients: Lotus^, Butterfly Leaf^, Yuan Zhi*, Jiaogulan*, Spagyric Moringa*, Monoatomic Gold, Ashwagandha*, Fo-Ti*, Mucuna*, L-Theanine, Turmeric*, Valerian*, Dream Herb^, Kymia Arts Oil of Gold, Lavender*, Ginger*, Hibiscus*, Rose^, Tulsi*, Celastrus*, Reishi*, Lo Han, BioDynamic Kanna Resin Oil^