Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Vitality Blend Sweet Mushroom Xtract


The Vitality blend is a combination of the most powerful anti-oxidants ever found and ours are of the highest quality.

The chaga is wild-harvested in Alaska, the matcha is ceremonial grade from southern Japan and the ginger and pomegranate are freshly harvested and organic from California.

Our proprietary process provides the maximum level of nutrients, which are pressure-extracted at low temperature to retain the highest level of bio-availability. The result is a heavenly taste that is naturally sweet with zero sugar. As a non-glycemic, functional sweetener, it is a fantastic flavor enhancer and nutritional booster for teas, water, smoothies, or even mocktails and cocktails. 

Wild-harvested chaga is the only true form of chaga, as lab-grown chaga mycelium is lacking in the critical nutrients which only come from the mushroom’s host birch tree in arctic forests. Real chaga has been found in studies to help improve your immune system and digestive system and is loaded with over 200 different, beneficial compounds.

Ceremonial matcha is high in both L-Theanine, which helps improve brain function and focus and EGCG, a powerful anti-oxidant that improves hair, skin and nails. Ginger has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to help with detoxifying the blood and improving digestion. Pomegranates are great for heart and cardiovascular health. Together, this combination of mushroom, herb, root and fruit is a burst of vitality that makes every day better. Also Contains Ormus and DMSO for Assimilation and Bioavailability