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Yin Replenisher 2 oz - Dragon Herbs


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  • Superior grade herbs
  • Supports vital body fluids
  • Benefits the skin and lungs
  • Promotes soft and radiant beauty

This very useful tincture is a tonic formulation designed to restore Yin that has been lost from the body. Yin is lost due to stress, overwork, dehydration, poor eating, too much sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and lack of adequate sleep and rest. Dendrobium, the primary herb of this formulation, is a very important and wonderful tonic herb. Dendrobium stems and pods replenish Yin Jing and generate fluids. It is commonly used in Chinese herbalism as a Yin tonic, which moistens the Stomach and Lungs. It may be used by healthy individuals to maintain healthy fluid balance in the body. The greatest value of Dendrobium lies in its restorative actions. Taoist sages, who were the masters of longevity, have routinely used Dendrobium as a daily tonic for many centuries. Dendrobium (which is the stem, leaf and flower pod of a Dendrobium orchid that is now cultivated for use as a tonic herb) is especially useful for quickly and effectively replenishing spent adaptive energy. Dendrobium has been traditionally used to replace spent Yin Jing of the Kidney. The Kidney is considered to be the whole body’s reservoir of Yin Jing, so replenishing the Yin of the Kidney replenishes the whole body. In replenishing and increasing Jing, Dendrobium increases the generative force. Dendrobium is especially famous for relieving fatigue that may result from sexual activity. For those who maintain a balanced sex life, Dendrobium is said to support superb sexual vigor. Dendrobium, being a Kidney Yin tonic, may increase the sexual fluids in men and women. It nourishes the saliva, which the Taoists call the “Precious Fluid.” It is a superb herb for athletes for the purpose of maintaining fluids during exercise or sports. Ron Teeguarden’s Taoist Master Sung Jin Park, was a great proponent of Dendrobium for anyone who lives an active life and who desires to remain youthful and beautiful. A great benefit of Dendrobium lies in its beauty-promoting quality. Dendrobium helps keep the skin moist, and constant use helps generate beautiful skin.

Ingredients: Dendrobium stem, Raw Rehmannia root, Goji berries, Ligustrum fruit, White Peony root, Anemarrhena rhizome.