Feed the Soil, Heal yourself!

Yohimbe Liquid Extract 1oz

  • Popular for its potential to promote a healthy libido,
  • especially in men
  • Yohimbe bark extract supports sexual wellness
  • Alcohol free with a mellow flavor
  • No pills to swallow, easily absorbed 

An evergreen tree native to Central Africa, specifically Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Congo, the Yohimbe tree has large, leathery leaves and can grow to one hundred feet in height. The scientific name for Yohimbe is Pausinystalia johimbe.  Yohimbe Bark contains a potent active chemical called yohimbine which historically became popular for a wide variety of health issues including heart, circulation, skin and more. Europeans began to use Yohimbe Bark in the 19th century and its use then spread to America.